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Career pursuits after class 12th

The advent of technology has created a new set of careers, unfortunately many students begin career planning at the last minute and end up choosing education pathways that are popular but not suited to the aptitudes.

Career selection after class 12th is a critical and career defining decision. There are numerous interesting and lucrative careers to choose from, many of which are multidisciplinary with a strong demand from the industry.

The table below provides an array of options to explore, a combination of the usual and new age professional careers.

S.No Course/Stream Commerce with Mathematics Commerce without Mathematics Humanities Science with Biology Science with Mathematics Science with Mathematics & Biology
1 Bussiness Management
2 Hotel Management
3 Bussiness Economics
4 Finance and Investment Analyst
5 Mathematics
6 Statistics
7 Mass Communication
8 Law
9 B.Com (Hons)
10 Social Science
11 Fine Arts
12 Computer Engineering
13 Bio Informatics
14 Environmental Science
15 Aqua Science
16 Food Technology
17 Bio Statistics
18 Forensic Science
19 Bio Chemistry
20 Dairy Science/ Technology
21 Chartered Accountacy
22 Cost & Management Accountants
23 Acuturial Science
24 Engineering
25 Computational Finance/ Financial Engineering
26 Company Secretary

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