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Develop career-specific skills that improve employability and help enter many different fields ranging from healthcare administration to corporate management.

Management as a career option stands for getting involved in the successful working of an organization, by achieving objectives. It includes planning, organizing, controlling and directing.

Management as a career option is for someone who enjoys getting resources to complete a task, making a plan of action and directing people to work on it, while simultaneously solving the problems that arise during the process.

Management graduates have for long been recognized for their abilities and are recruited directly from colleges as management trainees. Some of the prominent graduates are,

Elon Musk

CEO – SpaceX, Testla

Studied Business at Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania

Ajay Banga

CEO – MasterCard

Studies at Indian Institute of Management,

These graduates are adept at various functions of the business and are known for their versatility and skills. The graduates are placed in almost all unctions/departments ranging from Human Resource, Planning, Marketing, Finance and Operations.

Undergraduate courses in management are referred by a number of names, these programs are by and large similar, depending on the university and its preferences these names have been provided. some of which are,


Bachelor of Business Administration


Bachelor of Management Studies


Integrated Program in Management

Career Pathways

There are plenty of job opportunities available to management graduates. To be specific, graduates can look for jobs in sales and marketing as management trainees. A degree in management along with a few years of work experience will certainly take you to the position of leadership in any organization. The initial salary begins at Rs.12, 000 a month to Rs. 18,000. However, it depends on the market value of the company as well as the ability and talent of one.

Any aspiring professional manager must bear in mind one thing that managerial and
administrative skills are primarily for development. On the one hand, you need to know how to handle a company’s accounting, finance, marketing and technology aspects, and on the other hand, you need to be well versed in making key strategic decisions along with exceptional skills in managing people.

Key virtues of being a management graduate are:

Higher Employment Rates
Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Gain Leadership Skills
Global Travel
Personal Growth

Exam Information

All management entrances are essentially aptitude test and evaluate aspirants on their numerical skills, language proficiency and ability to manage time. The weightage of individual sections, test duration, will vary amongst institutions.

Preparation Tips / Strategies

The syllabus of the test and its difficulty level varies significantly. Hence one would need to be aware of their preparation strategy with respect to time allocation and starting time Integrated Program in management, is arguably the toughest of the lot. The syllabus includes higher mathematics and given less number of seats and its reputation, attracts high number of applicants.

It is advisable that students start early if they have plans for studying at the premier management institutions of India, Indian Institute of Management. Currently the program is available at Indore and Rohtak campus only.

DU-JAT/ Symbiosis etc are relatively easy examinations and can be prepared over a shorter duration as well. Ideally students should start with self-study along with their school and join the crash course for consolidation and last minute practice.

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A one-year extensive program trains learners for an Integrated Management Program provided by IIM Indore and Rohtak. Synchronized with school, regular evaluations, sessions for personality improvement are feature of the program design.

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